Pension Fund Annual Review

The Fund’s Trustee and Advisers

The Trustee Board is made up of eight directors. Four are appointed by the Society (including an independent professional trustee company) and the remaining four by the Scheme’s members, referred to as Member Nominated Directors or MNDs.

People in business atire sitting arround a table having a meeting

Society-Appointed Trustee Directors

Peter Wilkin (Chairman)

Muir Mathieson

BESTrustees Ltd
(represented by Catherine Redmond)

Laura Faulkner

Member-Nominated Trustee Directors

Arthur Amos

Rob Goldspink – term extended for up to 24 months

John Wrighthouse – term extended for up to 24 months

Sarah Garrett

The Trustee is supported by expert professional advisers:

The Nationwide Employee Pensions and Investment Teams:

Head of Pensions

Ian Baines

Chief Investment Officer

Mark Hedges

Fund Secretary

Vanessa Roberts

External advisers:


Keith Poulson, Aon Hewitt Ltd


External: Grant Thornton UK LLP

Internal: Deloitte LLP

Legal Adviser

Sacker & Partners LLP

Investment Consultant


Communication Adviser

Concert Consulting UK Ltd

You can find out more about the Fund’s Trustee and advisers on our Managing the Fund page and by watching our video: How our Fund is run.